Property development – Building a new tomorrow

Our People

Eben Venter An exceptional visionary, born entrepreneur and astute business man, Eben Venter has a deep seeded belief in the potential of people. The investments he made in his partners and staff can be seen in the success that crowns his business ventures. Motormark is testimony of his ability to achieve perfect balance between business acumen and people empowerment, while financially benefiting all parties. As an engineering graduate, Eben also has the rare ability to multi-task without taking over, giving his partners confidence in his support. Eben’s entrepreneurial spirit is one of his main drives to acquire knowledge and continue his growth on both a business and a personal level. This growth can be seen in the structure of the Niyakha Group that is the culmination of his passion and vision.
Louis Klopper

A Liquidator of profession for the past thirty years, managed his own liquidation company, before joining Niyakha. It gave him the necessary business acumen to recognise and identify shortcomings and potential company blunders.

Louis joined Niyakha in 2008; one of his responsibilities is credit reviews of businesses, suppliers to form part of the project teams, as well as agents and rental agents. He also oversees certain aspects of the building operations at Niyakha’s current development, ensuring property of the highest standard is delivered to the client. Louis partakes in the identification of new or potential projects and land acquisitions. Louis’ years’ of experience as a liquidator and his excellent knowledge of the property industry plays a vital role when vacant land development, research and feasibility studies are implemented to determine best return on investment per project.